4 Options to expedite installations

Option 1: Provide initial funding

Initial Funding launches production. $30 minimum contribution.

5$ of your contribution will go towards Moms Demand Action and other partners of Everytown.

Option 2: Attend Local ShotBlock Demos & Conferences

Attend the next Demonstration & Conference near you to help spread awareness.

Option 3: Write to your local congressperson

Let your congressperson know you demand change to help keep those you love safe.

Option 4: Support us by purchasing custom ShotBlock merchandise!

Purchase merchandise inspired by survivors who have been impacted by gun violence. Part of the proceeds fund their causes.

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Your financial contribution will help save lives. you can stop mass gun violence NOW

Disclaimer ShotBlock, LLC is not a 501(C)(3), charitable organization. However, your donations, though not tax deductible, will help save Lives. We hope you have the vision and the passion to support us in our mission.