Politicians have spent years trying to come to a resolution between the constitutional right to bear arms, and the need to prevent shootings and protect the innocent. Here's the harsh reality:

we are divided on this issue and may never have a resolution

ShotBlock believes that the freedom to own firearms and keeping people and property safe aren't mutually exclusive. Our focus is on stopping would-be assailants who disregard the responsibility of firearm ownership and desire to perpetrate crimes on innocent people. Through our American-engineered, military-grade patented technology, we can reduce the malicious misuse of firearms. ShotBlock is the solution to keeping our families safe, preventing shootings and protecting our communities from hateful acts of gun violence.

“Observing the worsening state of gun violence and realizing the ineffectiveness of political gridlock in addressing the issue, I found myself growing increasingly frustrated and disheartened. It became clear that we must take action to safeguard the innocent, particularly those who are most vulnerable.”

Chris Baker, CEO and founder of ShotBlock

ShotBlock's Breach Defense System was created to end mass and isolated violence.

Too often, we witness our friends, family, and children being subjected to horrific and traumatic atrocities. Schools, businesses, houses of worship, and various public spaces have transformed into environments where we no longer feel safe. ShotBlock’s Breach Defense System was conceived by engineer and inventor Chris Baker as a personal endeavor, driven by passion, with the goal of eradicating both mass and isolated gun violence. Its aim is to restore a profound sense of peace and security for all of us.

Our aim was to create technology that could offer dependable protection for ourselves and our loved ones. We recognized that existing products and defense systems often fall short in effectively deterring gun violence, mainly because they can be easily circumvented. At ShotBlock, we are committed to stopping gun violence before it can occur by deploying hidden multi-sensors that detect various weapon designs, configurations and compositions. Upon weapon detection, our BDS automatically locks down any location while notifying security and authorities.

About Chris Baker

Chris Baker is CEO and founder of ShotBlock. He is an engineer, inventor, and entrepreneur with over 30 years of experience in systems testing, product qualification, risk management, hardware verification, integration, and configuration.

After graduating from San Jose State University in 1989 with a Bachelor of Science degree in Physics, and also completing Master’s level course work in computer science, electrical engineering, mathematics, systems engineering, business management, program management, IT/computer networking and architecting, and cyber security, Chris gained much experience and insight from his employment with Department of Defense contractor Lockheed Martin Corporation (LMC), starting in 1984.   

When Chris began working at LMC, he first operated and maintained digital and analog satellite ground communication systems for the Air Force Satellite Control Network (AFSCN). He then developed software, firmware and hardware for many Department of Defense systems until he became the lead engineer on many projects.

He was later promoted to Chief Engineer where he designed, architected and implemented the world’s first Asynchronous Transfer Mode (ATM) over satellite Department of Defense system that was globally deployed and is still in use today to serve warfighters around the world. In 2001, Chris was promoted to Program Manager for multiple product lines of LMC, and worked on various programs valued from $3.5 million to $2 billion at increasing levels of program management and portfolio leadership until his retirement in 2013.

ShotBlock's Mission

Though his qualifications to invent, develop, and lead this effort are remarkable, this is truly a passion project that is steeped in lived experience and borne out of a desire to make a difference. 

As Chris worked more and more with the development of defense and firearm-related technology and witnessed news of violent crimes almost daily, he realized he had to do something. He felt that someone needed to step forward to protect not only minority groups, but also the businesses and livelihoods of everyday people impacted by gun violence. He recognized that his desire to protect the mom and pop shops could be coupled with his desire to stop gun violence in other public spaces like grocery stores, schools, movie theaters, places of worship, and more. Chris’ motivation to save lives drove him to invent ShotBlock to detect, prevent, and protect people from gun violence before it happens. 

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