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Support ShotBlock

Are you disheartened, angry or fearful when you hear new of violent gun crimes? Have you personally known or been a victim of gun violence? This is your opportunity to help make a difference so that acts of violence don't continue to happen. With your donation, ShotBlock will be able to manufacture our BDS and EMS technology so that it is available for use in virtually any public space.

ShotBlock is patented, American-engineered and military-grade technology that will prevent mass gun violence! We are in the process of raising the money necessary to bring our product to market as quickly as possible and we need your help to ensure this critical technology is made a reality.

Your donation will help save lives. you can stop mass gun violence NOW

Disclaimer ShotBlock, LLC is not a 501(C)(3), charitable organization. However, your donations, though not tax deductible, will help save Lives. We hope you have the vision and the passion to support us in our mission. 


People die every week from gun violence, and it’s enough. Out technology is patented, unique solution that will prevent death and trauma.

What we have

  • Patented, extremely advanced technology
  • A team of professionals dedicated to saving lives
  • A passionate group of advisors and advocates who want to see ShotBlock in every public space

what we need

  • We need assionate investors who understand the dire need we have for immediate action. ShotBlock is effective, but we need resources so that we can manufacture and implement this life-saving technology.
  • We want all vulnerable businesses, schools, places of worship, and any place where people gather to have our shield of protection. This can only happen with your help, so please fill out the form below to contact us for more inofrmation (including our investor kit and more) on how you can help us stop mass gun violence.

Fill out the form below to use questions about how you can partner with ShotBlock.

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