Imperceptible , unavoidable, highly advanced weapons detection system

ShotBlock works differently than a metal detector. With traditional metal detectors, perpetrators can undergo measures to avoid exposure due to the limited range of detection. ShotBlock is unique because it detects not just the weapon, but also the type of weapon within a customizable and established perimeter. On top of that, ShotBlock’s technology is extremely unobtrusive compared to traditional metal detection technology, so perpetrators will be unaware that detection is even occurring in the first place. This gives security teams the edge on offenders, allowing them to rapidly neutralize the threat.

The ShotBlock solution consists of two major parts:

The Breach Defense System

The Breach Defense System (BDS) is a patented, in-depth, tamper-proof, high-tech security system that detects guns or other weapons that breach our local established perimeters and automatically shuts down that facility, alerting the authorities and thereby preventing violence and protecting the people under the shield of ShotBlock. The BDS has a low false alarm rate due to its discriminating weapon recognition algorithms. These active and passive machine learning and Artificial Intelligence (AI) algorithms are the first line of detection for the BDS. The BDS also has long-range geofence perimeter protection for weapons with location detection.

This patented technology is incredibly advanced and uniquely redundant which means it can continue to operate in adverse situations with severe threats such as downed facility power, absent Wi-Fi, RF jamming, etc.

Shotblock’s Breach Defense System is small, unobtrusive and discrete measuring just 3 cubic inches/ 5 cubic meters.

The Enterprise Management Software

The Enterprise Management Software (EMS) is the program that gives law enforcement and security providers cyber-secured access to manage, maintain and control the BDS, as well as initiate automatic alerts to local police and designated system administrators so action can be taken against a perpetrator to shut down potential threats.

ShotBlock is unlike any other weapons detection system on the market. ShotBlock detects the threat, prevents the violence and protects the people under the shield of our unique, patented technology.